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Positiva effekter med musikterapi

Positiva effekter med musikterapi som behandlingsmetod  för patienter med stroke, demens, Parkinsons och andra diagnoser, framkommer i en artikel den medicinska tidskriften The Lancet.

During the past ten years, an increasing number of controlled studies have assessed the potential rehabilitative effects of music-based interventions, such as music listening, singing, or playing an instrument, in several neurological diseases. Although the number of studies and extent of available evidence is greatest in stroke and dementia, there is also evidence for the effects of music-based interventions on supporting cognition, motor function, or emotional wellbeing in people with Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, or multiple sclerosis.

LÄS MER–> ”Music-based interventions in neurological rehabilitation” av Aleksi Sihvonen m.fl. Publicerad i The Lancet Vol. 16 No. 8 (augusti 2017)

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