The Wakeful time

The Wakeful time

This is a presentation my two new programs, The Wakeful Night and In the face of day, for the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, BMGIM.  The programs only comprise Swedish music, were the first programme, The Wakeful Night, the music are taken from the orchestral, classical genre while the other programme, In the face of the day, includes contemporary Swedish Jazz music.

The Wakeful Night – Programme

The first of those two programme presented here, is from the classic, serious genre, with five Swedish composers from late 1800 to the middle of 1900. The level for this programme is  Working/Transpersonal and the challenges are Emotional, Musical and/or Physical (Bruscia, 2015). The intention for this programme is to work through difficult, grief, angry, fearful or aggressive feelings.

1. Kurt Atterberg – Symphony No.5, Op.20 -Sinfonia Funebre – II. Lento, 9:52
2. Allan Pettersson – Symphony No.7 – Beginning, 2:36
3. Ture Rangström- Symphony No.2 in D minor – Mitt Land -III. Drömmen, 7:41
4. Karl-Birger Blomdahl- Vaknatten – Adagio, 5:48
5. Hugo Alfvén- Symphony No.2 in D major, Op.11-Preludio, Adagio, 6:19

Sound waves for the GIM music programme- the Wakeful Night

The second of those two programs presented here, is from the contemporary jazz genre, with six Swedish musicians/groups from middle/late 1900 until today. The level for the GIM programme is Beginner/Preparatory. The intention for this programme is to provide rest, comfort and a holding environment.

In the face of day    26:11
1. Jan Lundgren:  Man in the Fog   4:38
2. Anders Hagberg:   Gidda    2:37
3. Esbjörn Svenssons Trio: In the face of Day   6:51
4. Nils Landgren: That´s All   4:22
5. Jojje Wadenius: River Nile  5:25
6. Lars Jansson: In Memory of Leroy Lowe  2:18

Sound waves for the GIM programme- In the Face of Day

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